Wednesday, July 05, 2017

A new way of life

I have made so many more discoveries lately. I have researched and have tried on myself a different approach of dealing with depression and stress. Right now, I have a lot of stress in my life dealing with my mom that has Alzheimer's.

In the past year she has deteriorated quite a bit. She now has developed a condition that she scratches herself to a point where she bleeds. She has severely dry skin, specifically, eczema. Dermatologists have prescribed a steroid cream and antidepressants for her case, which really shocked me. The steroid cream I'm willing to try cause she doesn't reason any more with her brain, but antidepressants? I said she has Alzheimer's and she is still happy
Why antidepressants? The doctor answered me: "she will be happier"

This is our medical system. Pretty bad! I said thank you and left. In their eyes, she’s old with Alzheimer's. What difference does it make what else happens to her brain. Doctors work a little too closely with pharmaceutical reps, it’s become a large industry with constant exponential growth.

When I was really bad, I was on Xanax and had no coping skills to deal with stress. I will never go back on them. I am able to deal better with stressors and now have certain supplements that help me sleep like a baby when under stress.

I was recently in an ER with my mom for four days because my mom was diagnosed with syncope (she passes out for a minute or two). After spending so much time in the hospital I began to notice the amount of junk food the nurses and doctors were eating! It sure wasn't real food! Again fast fix to calm your cravings. Everything in this world has to be a fast fix. Well let me tell you, as sick as I was, it wasn't a fast fix that made me feel healthy again. It took years of my life! I currently was on anti depressants, which I am tapering off cause that doesn't solve my problem, just camouflages it. It all goes back to DIET
What are we eating? Are we deficient in B12, iron? Too much stress! Less sleep.
Wheat was a big problem for me and I finally made the connection with my brain and my gut. I notice when I eat real food and take my digestive enzymes and probiotics and not much sugar, wow the same thing works on me like an anti depressant. Only anti depressant are another chemical I'm putting in my body.

The journey is long, but I am so grateful I did it. I was cutting out coffee and my glass of white wine (red is hard on my stomach) and everything else in my life. But silly me, I could enjoy these things as long as I have balance and still be healthy.

I make sure my body is always alkalized and eat foods that are more alkaline than acidic! My daughter and father always said everything in moderation!

I say balance. I'm not out for a quick fix anymore. This is a new life for me!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Ageing is learning

As I continue to go on my journey, I find out more and more. I have many food sensibilities and need to watch everything I eat. Living my life suffering in pain most of the time didn't leave me much time to explore new things, now I'm loving it. I can finally lead a normal life at this stage.

I used to love eating all kinds of beans because I know that they stabilize sugar. But I started having so many attacks with migraines after I would eat them so I decided to do a test on myself. I finally realized the only beans I could have were green beans. Mariola, my naturopath I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, told me the reason I can eat green beans with no problem is because they have less protein. Too much protein is a problem since I cannot digest a lot at the same time.

I love eggs and therefore was also eating lots of them but I eliminated them and feel much better. No wonder I needed to take digestive enzymes. Every time I did tests in the hospital, they saw nothing even though I felt so sick to the point that I would get pancreatitis. I thought it was the tiny bit of alcohol that I had with my hubby on the weekend but as I understand, too much protein in my system at the same time is a disaster for me! I need to eat small amounts all day. Which is hard to do because I need to have my food with me, but I make the effort because it is worth it!

The other day, I did an ultrasound at my doctor’s office to check my liver and gallbladder; everything was great. Now everything is ruled out and I know it's my digestion and portions. I did tests about five years ago, and I don't have celiac but if I continued to eat they way I used to with gluten and chemicals I would end up with it. I have a sensitive digestive system and as long as I follow the rules with a cheat day once in a while, I'm great.

These are my rules:
  • No gluten
  • Only eat sugar in natural form
  • Lots of greens
  • As much organic as possible
  • Digestive enzymes and probiotics
  • Proper food combining (don’t mix carbs with protein)
  • Toxic free skincare and make up
  • Toxic free cleaning products
  • Stress management

Following these rules, I can live life like I never before!

Cheers to ageing!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Poison in Sugar

I feel good and I sleep great but yet I still feel something is not right. I eat healthy but yet I still feel bloated. I take my probiotics, my digestive enzymes and hydrochloride acid with my meals and am still bloated.

I have my gluten free toast in the morning with my coffee. For snacks I have my humus with veggies or gluten free crackers as well as kale chips. For dinner I have a protein with brown rice and veggies.

Sugar is in many forms. It's not only the white sugar we put in our coffees, it's pasta, rice, bread, potatoes and even boiled carrots. They all convert into sugar. So many people eat cereal in the morning loaded with sugar.

I then realized the only thing left I didn't cut out mostly was sugar. I love my gluten free muffin my daughter first showed me how to make. I decided one day not to eat my toast in the morning and gluten free muffin in the afternoon. For lunch I tried just having a veggie soup or humus with sweet snap peas, yellow and red peppers. It worked! No bloating! For dinner I started having any protein with veggies as long as not starchy along with a spinach salad and wow no bloating again!

Again, it was time to change my diet. My amazing naturopath Mariola did say my muffin (even healthy one) in afternoon would raise my blood sugar (she is my life saver) My headaches seem to be less and I don't feel tired like before
I was so shocked to discover the impact of all the sugary foods we eat (and may not even know contain sugar) sugar can be poison!

I ended up in the ER with acute pancreatitis when I ate the old way and had just one glass of Chardonnay (which I love). My cells were filling up with sugar and wouldn't accept anymore. That's why in the ER, they told me, after tests and scans that my case was idiopathic, meaning they couldn't figure out why this was happening. My system is very sensitive! I had my body telling me: stop what you are doing, we can't take it anymore!

If your cells are filled with sugar and will not accept any more, the insulin will send the sugar to be stored as fat for later use and that's why women and men over forty get thick around the middle! Doesn't this make sense?

I have to keep my pancreas from over secreting insulin, which will keep my blood sugar and hormones balanced. Alcohol is sugar too I choose to have my Chardonnay only on Saturday nights with my love. I wonder if I did nothing about it, would I be pre diabetic? My mom is diabetic but she chose to eat her way (mostly bread, rice, pasta, and sweets) and on medication.

Don't wait till it's too late, change your diet now! I realized when one thing goes wrong in your system, you are more prone to end up with other problems, with your heart, brain and liver. Remember everything functions well when we are in our twenties and thirties, it's only a matter of time before the shift begins in your body. Treat your body well, you only have one life to live, live it healthy!

Check out this glycemic index to find out ways to slowly make better choices with what you eat. Start with small manageable steps.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Depression Hurts But We Can FIGHT IT!

Today we live in a world, that we have access to anything we want. Society leaves no room for error in the way we look and feel.

Being depressed has been an issue all my life. We all need help along the way, no matter what. When I was younger, no one could talk about depression. It was really bad. We just kept it in. There are many different treatments out there that really work. You need to find what works best for you because we’re all different! First of all, you should evaluate how bad your depression is (mild, moderate or severe). Mine was severe, and no one knew it until much later. Most of my life it was a struggle just waking up. People thought to themselves: “she doesn't look depressed”, but they were just looking at my fake smile I would put on so no one would worry. I’ve had the darkest days one could imagine. Even my parents didn’t know about my depression, only some of my close friends did.

I eventually learned that certain foods triggered more depression, who knew! Sugar and carbohydrates are the worst for me. I changed my diet, so many times in my life concerning my needs. Finally I found balance in my fifties. Although I had my struggles, I had my loving and caring family along the way. My naturopath, Mariola, was a God sent to me. We work together to get to where I am. It took years, but finally, I'm here. My daughter, Tiffany and her boyfriend, Ryan are a big inspiration. Marco is more than just my husband; he’s my best friend that I can always talk to. I can tell him anything. He takes in all my problems and tries to help me find solutions on how to deal with them. Now, we have a new addition to the family, Jovelyn, who has been helping me with my mother for one year now. She adds love to my home. She is a precious gem. Friends and family make a huge impact on us and we must cherish them!

There are medications out there that really help; you just have to find the right one for you. Don't stay depressed. The world is beautiful. Some times you can do a combination of supplements and medication and see how that works. You can work with a naturopath to form a plan of action or even a doctor.

Other reasons for depression:

  • You may have a thyroid problem. Take a blood test and see where your thyroid is? Symptoms of thyroid problems: sad, fatigue, low energy, weight gain, weight loss lack of memory and lack of pleasure.
  • Food intolerances or allergy are associated with anxiety and depression (that was me) we cannot absorb vitamins when the body is in the inflammation stage. Your gut is the main source of other problems. We need to fix that firsthand with raw Apple cider vinegar before a meal (1 tablespoon in a glass of water)
  • Low ferritin (especially in women)
    • Low energy, low concentration
    • Great source of foods, mussels, oysters, clams, liver, beef, and turkey
  • B12 deficiency and folic acid
    • Controls energy and nervous system. B12 is essential for memory and mood
    • Best form of B12 for bad anxiety is methylcobalamin and methylfolate (stomach issues)
  • Vitamin D deficiency
    • Food sources: seafood, shrimp, salmon (not farmed and try to buy wild in these foods because the better the quality the less the Mercury and PCB)
    • Turkey is a great protein and has lots of tryptophan as bananas and dark chocolate
    • Lots of vegetables

Stop eating bad carbs and processed foods because your body will them crave more. Get your hormones checked especially after fifty, there could be an underlying issue there. Take your time and rule out as much as you can, step by step. Patience is definitely required; therefore you need to be serious about wanting to feel better! In the meantime, start a healthy diet and then you can detect which direction to go easier. In the end, it's not only you that suffers, but the people around you, even your pets. There’s so much to look forward to in life, every stage is beautiful (young & old). Lets not give up!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to Look Young WITHOUT Plastic Surgery

I’m going to be extremely honest and say what most people don’t! Although feeling young has a lot to do with what we put in our bodies, it also has to do with how we look on the outside. It’s important to myself to take care of both the inside and outside of my body, the only problem is the outside is harder. Most celebrities take the easy way out with plastic surgery; I do my research (lots of it) and find the least invasive procedures on the market.

If you want to give yourself a little boost with skincare or treatments of superior quality there is a spa in Montreal called Victoria Park and they offer a wide variety of treatments to meet your needs.

First you meet with one of their consultants, (mine was Sasha, she was very helpful and guided me in the right direction) and you tell them your concerns. They then take the time to explain which procedure is best suited for you and create a budget plan with you. If you are interested in a few different things, they offer some nice packages. Most important of all, no matter how many questions you have, they answer them all!

I discovered that they have a beautiful skincare line, Neocutis that is free of color additives, fragrance, is non-comedogenic and is not tested on animals.
Within one week, I saw amazing results! I have tried multiple skincare lines for many years, but this one lives up to its name. You feel like your skin is clean, glowing and plump all the time. The hyaluronic acid in these products turns back the clock. Another product that makes your skin smooth is daily microfoliant by Dermalogica. Very gentle exfoliation. I know, I have very sensitive skin and these products work beautifully. (This one was referred by Nancy, who is very qualified to do procedures like lumicleanse and BBL (broadben light)

Combining these products with their spa treatments, like microdermabrasion and BBL, you can have the skin you've dreamed about for many years.

I did a silk peel Dermalinfusion (microdermabrasion), which was done by Jennifer who is very qualified and has a very gentle technique.  It's not irritating and leaves your skin extremely clean to absorb products. Depending on your skin, you can have one to brighten, clarify, hydrate or vitamin C. The technician will evaluate your skin. Lastly, I choose to do a BBL treatment with Nancy or Tania.

All these are only available at Victoria Park in Montreal. For more information you can visit their website

They have a beautiful team of professionals to meet your needs. I highly recommend them and their products. I suggest to give it a try because who doesn’t want to look beautiful at any age?

Cheers to aging!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Favorite Cosmetics

Let me start off by saying my favorite cosmetics are from Suzanne Somers because I love the ingredients she puts in them. They are very hydrating and clean. Always remember what you put on your skin is just as important as what goes into your digestive tract. It disrupts hormone production and can make you very sick, as I was.

The toxic burden can also make you very blotted and fat. Now there are organic skincare and cosmetics that preform well. Be ware of the word natural. It can be misleading. Read the labels to make sure it is to your standards.

Here are a few I love:

  • Zulu Luxe (sold at Tau health store) the new store in Laval on Saint Martin is gorgeous. Check out the cosmetics. There is also one in Pointe Claire.
  • Anne Marie Borland (Tau)
  • Gabriel cosmetics (Tau)
  • Bite Beauty (Sephora)
  • Tarte (Sephora)
  • Josie Marian (Sephora) (Her Argan oil is great and hydrates a great deal)

You have many to choose from depending on what you want and your budget.

I have personally tried all of these and they are all great. Some are totally toxic free like Suzanne Somers and 100 pure and some have fewer chemicals, either way you can lesson your toxic burden with all these. Indulge!